How often do you hear someone use the term “They” to describe a supposedly universal authority? or a collective agreement? perhaps an unquestionable justification? When someone uses this term, it is usually better not to provoke discussion, because you may be challenging their beliefs.

“They would never do that”, or “They say you’ll go blind”, or “They know what’s best for us”.

Indeed, trying to figure out who “They” really are is frustrating and time consuming work. “They” are like fleas on the rear end of a dog chasing it’s tail, and just like the fleas, “They” usually hinder our progress and mock our common sense without consequence. In many ways it seems, “They” don’t care for us at all.

Practically speaking though, “They” are little more than echoes of lessons we learned from our parents and teachers when we were young. “They” include the rhetoric of politicians and preachers. “They” are the discoveries of scientists and the work of artists. “They” are the ghosts of our ancestors and “They” are the expectations of society; “They” rule our world…but “They” no longer reflect who “We” really are in this rapidly shrinking world.

“They” are actually just voices in your head; the total sum of your acquired experience, knowledge and achievements, jam-packed into a neat little pronoun…the unconscious forces that keep us on this path.

Many are aware “They” exist only as concepts in our collective mind, but we cling to them dearly because “They” provide us with security and purpose. However, if and when the day comes and “They” no longer provide security, or “They” fail to deliver on their promises, we will realize “They” did not always serve our best interests, “They” had somehow become masters of our minds…and “We” blindly followed.

So what now? “They” were the truth as we knew it. “They” originated from concepts created by us and for us as conscious observers of our environment over generations. We bonded with those who had similar experiences, and in doing so, preserved the knowledge that ensured our survival. It could be argued this is perhaps the foundation of all communities on this planet.

Today however, many concepts as they pertain to economics, government and religion no longer serve a practical purpose. Concepts are abstract notions which can be amended or modified when “They” no longer serve their intended purpose; however if we wait much longer to adapt these concepts to suit the new world technology is creating, we will be condemning our children to continue in chaos.

The “Conceptual Rebellion” is a small group of ordinary citizens from many different countries who view the world as inherently good. We live within the framework that currently exists but know there is a better way. We try to broaden our understanding by observing without judging and acting with compassion for those who try to move us forward.

However, we see “They” need our help. “They” are struggling. “They” tell us what they think we want to hear, but “They” answer to no one. It’s time to step up and tell them what “We” think.

It is in our best interest to speak up NOW, before our voices are replaced by the algorithmic rationalizations which currently seem to be determining our future roles in society.

The Conceptual Rebellion does not subscribe to any political, economic or religious institutions for support. Our goal is to propose an independently conceived agenda for the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

With your help, we can establish a new public spirit. With a common sense of purpose, we can create a philosophy for the future…there is much to be done.

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Rise above the petty arguments that keep us in perpetual stalemate and make your voice stand out!

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