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What we choose to believe about ourselves becomes reality. These beliefs about ourselves shape us as individuals and govern our conduct as well as our expectations of others.  As these beliefs evolve, they become shared by our families, communities, towns, countries and ultimately have become the shared experience of all human beings.

However today, as we struggle to understand the physical world in an effort to avoid what appears to be our inevitable self-destruction, it is becoming increasingly important to pay more than ongoing lip-service to ideals and beliefs we claim in principle, yet reject in our daily lives.

Throughout the world there are many religions and societies where “Absolution” is considered a birthright and cannot be granted by another person.  It is defined as a “freeing of blame or guilt” and regardless of what we may believe about ourselves, we seek it daily because we are human and have the ability to question our place in the world.  We seek to understand not only the physical universe, but the conceptual one as well.  It is these concepts of ourselves that shape our perception of reality and how we interact with others.

“How can I work for a company that exploits me?”. “What is really being done to our planet behind our backs?”. “Why are people who fight for freedom considered terrorists in this country when they are considered heroes in their own?”. We question our existence because the beliefs we have about ourselves conflict with the reality of our daily lives.

To absolve ourselves of the guilt we feel as we continue on this path, we look to others (politicians, businessmen, clergymen, drug dealers, movie stars, athletes….et al.) to tell us we are good and kind people. We foolishly allow them to determine our future despite a mountain of evidence that suggests they are selfish and undeserving themselves. And in spite of their corruption and greed, we still believe there is no other way; we cling to our misguided belief that one day soon, “THEY” will save us from ourselves.  But as we endeavor to meet their expectations and strive for a life few will actually experience, we lose our self-respect and ability to show real compassion because deep down, we feel ashamed.

It’s time to change this.

We are the ” Conceptual Rebellion”. We are a group of individuals who believe that governments are not at fault for our woes, industry is not to blame for destroying the planet, war is unnecessary and that we have the power to affect change on a global scale. We believe there are enough resources to allow a decent standard of living for everyone. We believe people should have access to medical care regardless of their social standing. We believe it is possible to flourish on this planet as human beings if we are able to affect change within. To accomplish this we must be willing to challenge our personal beliefs and examine our motives.  If we wish to continue living as, or become, free persons within a global community, we believe it is our duty to create a new renaissance.  To awaken ourselves from the dreams that serve outdated ideals and where fear and greed is master.

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